7 Easy Resolutions to Keep in the New Year

7 Easy Resolutions to Keep in the New Year

We are almost two weeks into 2019 and it feels like everyone under the sun has these huge goals they are working towards. Let’s be honest, we have the best intentions with our goals but the reality is that some of us do best with small goals that in the long run lead us to major changes in our lives. Over the years, I have been able to conquer goals with small changes that over time have improved my life for the best and I wanted to share them with you.

#1 Pick a Wake up Time

If you notoriously hit snooze like me, move your alarm across the room. Another tip is to work towards the time you have chosen. Every couple of day increase by 15 mins until you reach your goal. Before you know it, you will wake up without that groggy feeling. Another motivator for you moms is to think of this wake-up time as Me Time. I don’t know about you but I appreciate those 30 minutes of silence and taking care of me prior to the little ones waking up for school.

#2 Braindump before bed

Before bed, I had so much anxiety about all the things I needed to accomplish the next day with a to-do list that kept accumulating that it began to affect my sleep and my stress levels for years. I found that keeping a notebook, now my bullet journal, and planning out the next day/week with my to-do list in mind based on priority, was a major help in keeping me organized and ready to be productive.

#3 Say No once a day

This is a huge deal for most of us, as we feel like we must keep up with the demands and expectations others place on us. Saying NO to anything once a day, that does not benefit us or how we are feeling at the time is a way to reclaim our valuable time.

#4 Unplug for an hour a day

This was easy for me as I literally leave my phone behind in rooms of our home all the time for hours at a time. For me, my phone becomes out of sight out of mind. However, if it is next to me I am constantly picking it up out of boredom and habit. So now I leave my phone purposely on my nightstand or on my desk to enjoy some downtime.

#5 Take a Quarterly Staycation

This one is new to my goals. Over the summer last year we took long a couple long weekends and it was magical! We slowed down, enjoyed time with the kiddos, visited new places and tackled a few projects. This year I wanted to continue the staycations but on a more consistent basis and spread out over time.

#6 Set Time for the Things you Love

Setting time for things you love each day gives us something to look forward too. Doing something you enjoy allows you to step away from the everyday to-do list that can otherwise seem mundane.

#7 Weekly “Me Time”

Any time you can get some “Me Time” is time well spent! Once a week set a day and time where you get to do something alone. I promise you are missing out on a solo trip to the movies. I personally look at this time as a way for me to do something that I have rarely have a chance to do or only have a chance to do once a month like a pedicure. Keep in mind you don’t have to go out but just set a boundary where no one can bother you for a set amount of time.

So, what small goals are you working on or have worked in the past?

xoxo – Shadow

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2 thoughts on “7 Easy Resolutions to Keep in the New Year

  1. I have done a couple of new things this year. I am really trying to focus on myself and being a better Tonya. I have started (TRYING) to get into bed between 9:30 – 10:30PM, and just watch a show or read for 30 minutes to decompress before sleeping. Then I upped my wake-up time to 5//5:30AM and have a cup of tea and read for 30 minutes; this has really helped me relax and focus for the day ahead. I have been way more productive at work.

    I also started a bullet journal (per your suggestion)! Mapping out my day/week and tracking my emotions/habits has helped me focus on certain aspects of my life that have been slacking. I CLEANED MY BATHROOM ON A TUESDAY NIGHT! GASP!

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